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MSI is a statewide CPR and First Aid training institute delivering high quality, hands-on training to daycare providers, construction and manufacturing industries in Oklahoma. We serve the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitan areas, including multiple locations across the State of Oklahoma.


Fork Lift Training

The Forklift training class presents interactive instruction covering the following topical areas.


  • How a forklift works
  • Rated capacity
  • The stability triangle
  • Testing the load


  • Before start up: basic parts
  • Before start up: battery operated trucks
  • Before start up: LP trucks
  • Before start up: fuel tanks
  • After start up
  • Inspection forms


  • Picking up a load
  • Traveling: fork positioning
  • Traveling: poor visibility
  • Traveling: driving on inclines
  • Traveling: turning
  • Traveling: traffic rules
  • Traveling: stopping
  • Traveling: parking
  • Putting down a load: basic procedures
  • Putting down a load: stacking procedure

Medic Safety Institute

Medic Safety Institute (MSI) has several advantages when it comes to providing training classes. MSI is among the most experienced first aid and safety training organizations in Oklahoma.


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